mandag 17. januar 2011

Spending My Time

Spending my time
Watching the days go by
Feeling so small
I stare at the wall ... !

make myself some coffee
I try to read a bit but the story's too boring.

Is this my life, just doing anything just to not think of how little i truly have to do.
no one ho call's no one ho ask 'hey wanna hang out?' no, they mean something in this world, they have a job or a school, they have a importance in life, .... i'm too fuckt up to be social, to have school or job.
i just walk home, alone with my feelings and fuckt up thoughts ... why do i even try to fit in ... i dont even put makup on anymore, whats the point.... no one sees me. and when they see me, they see a smily girl. And they think everythings just fiiine .... what ever!!! i'll play along.

just don't come saying you miss me when im gone!!! 

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