onsdag 16. februar 2011

miss you

and then i was back here!! dreaming of 'what if' 
Missing you like crazy, and dreaming for things that i loved about you, not seeing why i was so stupid (again) to let you go ... and to morrow is you're birthday :( i really wish i could be there with you. and talk with you, touch you, feel you, love you ... i hope that you have the best birthday ever, cos you really deserve it <3
This makes my heart jump over once or twice, making me dream of that time when you where mine, and i promised you forever. ... gawd, im so stupid!!! -_- stupid stupid stupid... 

Life is about trusting your feelings and taking chances,
losing and finding happiness,
appreciating the memories and learning from the pain
and realizing that people always change.

Over the years I've come to learn that things
don't always last forever... there's no such
thing as "perfect", & you'll hurt the ones
that you would never want to hurt. But
the important thing is find the people who
will love you with your mistakes


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